Holiday: Splendiferous Cinco de Mayo Eats

Cinco de Mayo - History Horchata Mole Poblana Palenqueta Tacos Salsa

Traditional and unsual Mexican eats on Fork Fingers Chopsticks: (top left, clockwise) horchata, purslane tacos, mole poblano, zucchini succotash, salsa verde with tomatillos and avocado, Mexican pumpkin seed peanut brittle.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo. For those not in the know, this Mexican holiday commemorates the country’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

Ironically, the day is celebrated more broadly in the U.S. than in Mexico (with the exception of the city of Puebla). Why? According to some academics, the impetus for American interest was the large number of Mexicans living in California during that time period. When they got word of the victory, they banded together to celebrate the success of their motherland.

Today, the holiday is less focused on the significance of the 1862 battle and is instead a general celebration of Mexican heritage and culture. Many Americans – whether of Mexican descent or not – now participate in Cinco de Mayo festivities.

Mexican eats . . .

In homage to my Mexican roots, I’m reminding you of the splendiferous Mexican eats on Fork Fingers Chopsticks. Yes, I said it . . . “splendiferous.” It’s my word of the week and perfectly describes the array of awesome recipes on my site.

I hope you prepare at least one of these dishes this Cinco de Mayo weekend.  So far, the horchata recipe is the most sought after.

Which recipe is your favorite, whether you’ve made it or not?




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9 Responses to Holiday: Splendiferous Cinco de Mayo Eats

  1. Susan says:

    I love the pumpkin seed pesto! I’ve made something close to that. Will try yours.

  2. Next year is the 150th anniversary of this victory. That should escalate the celebration. You have several of my favorite dishes here — and I love the adjective “easy” paired with “mole poblano.” Thnx.

  3. I am a big pozole fan and would have to go with your green pozole.
    Yes, the Mexicans won against Napoleon.

  4. Lea Ann says:

    I actually didn’t plan very well and almost ended up with Taco Bell…but did manage to whip up some fish tacos last night. Love those things.

  5. Karen Harris says:

    I guess I never really thought about the true history of the day. Thanks for the education. I am going to make the palanquetas. They look great. I do love the horchata as well.

  6. Yvette says:

    We ate brisket tacos for dinner last night but wish we had made some horchata – ALL your recipes look delicious! I feel like you are my long lost prima and we NEED to meet. Someday soon I hope ;)

  7. Oh how I want to make all of these! But I think the Easy Mole Poblano tops the list. Thanks for a “splendiferous” post ; )

  8. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Some great sounding dishes you have here :)

  9. You turned me on to purslane (among other things), so I will seek out some purslane at one of the farmers’ markets here (there’s only one I know of that sells it) and relive my happy memories!

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