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Here, you’ll  find recipes for cooking one ingredient several ways.

The idea for this site came out of practicality: most folks get a bit bored of having the same ol’ same ol’, day after day. This site helps you cook familiar ingredients in new ways – with emphasis on different cultural uses of an ingredient.

For example, if you’re short on quinoa recipes, here, you’ll find some interesting options:  a Peruvian-inspired breakfast porridge and an African Peanut Quinoa Soup. Or, maybe you’re looking for something new to do with that cabbage? Check out the German Cabbage Burgers or the hearty Mexican soup, Caldo de Res.

Yes, every recipe has been pre-tested.

So, get ready to cook and eat – one ingredient at a time.

Andrea HeadshotAbout Andrea

I’m Andrea Juarez, a born and raised mid-western gal now living, eating and hiking in Denver, Colo.  This site is the nexus of my love for food, culture, writing and research.

The story of my affinity of food goes something like this . . . After growing up in a rural town in Nebraska, I left for college and was exposed to people from different cultures and far-away places and I began eating differently, opting out of American franchise food and enjoying mom-and-pop ethnic restaurants instead.

If I had to be specific though, my relationship with food changed the first time I had Tom Kha Gai (Thai coconut soup). Aaahhh – the tangy, rich and creamy concoction satisfied my tastebuds like never before.  I was hooked.

After graduation, I moved to Austin, Texas where I enjoyed my first Vietnamese noodle bowl and the best-ever Chicken Tikka Masala made by a dear friend. Since Austin, I’ve lived abroad for short periods. In Mexico, I spent a few months re-connecting with my ancestral roots and feasting on an array of unfamiliar Mexican cuisine. And, again during law school, living a semester in Italy, exploring another culture’s appreciation for simple ingredients married well.

A few years ago,  I left the corporate world where I worked as an attorney. Since then, I’ve tried many a new adventure – hiking in Peru, Belize, Hawaii, the Northwest and Colorado’s magnificent outdoors; freelance writing – honored with a Scribes in Excellence award; and gardening – growing an array of standard vegetables and herbs along with some new ones found in the cuisines I favor most.

In the kitchen, as my twenty-something niece attests, I’ve also become a much better cook.  I’ve been experimenting with unfamiliar cuisines, ingredients and cooking techniques.

So, with this blog,  I’m inspired to explore, cook and eat. I hope you’ll find this site does the same for you.

Contact Andrea

If you have questions that are not answered via the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, please email Andrea via her Contact page or via: andrea {at} ForkFingersChopsticks {dot} com.

Your thoughts

If you are inclined to leave a comment about a particular recipe post, please do so at the bottom of each post. I appreciate your feedback. If you’d like to send a non-public comment, email Andrea.

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